Review My House Plans

Imagine moving into a newly constructed home only to find out there is a wall of windows across from the only logical place you can put your sofa? Where will you hang your television?  What if your closet is too small for you and your spouse to share? Would you be annoyed if there was not enough space for your heirloom dining table after all?


I cannot love Melissa enough, I only wish I had gotten her involved in our project from the beginning. I can only imagine what our house would be had she been a part of the beginning stages, thinking of things we had not. She has a wonderful eye for our modern home and used vendors outside of Nashville, finding tile I had not seen before and no one else had. She was so easy to work with and stayed right within our budget. Should I choose to build from the ground up again, I want Melissa with me from start to finish.

We now offer a house plan review session at our office. We will work with you to eliminate unwanted surprises when your home building project is completed. Mistakes are much easier and less costly when you catch them in the planning stages. 

A report will be compiled for you explaining the issues in your floor plan. It will also include suggestion and solutions you can discuss with your builder or architect. 

The fee for this service is $380 up to  4000 square feet. An additional charge of  $100 per every 1000 square feet will apply to homes over 4000 square feet. Please give us a call at 615-522-2988 to schedule your appointment. You may purchase your session below.