Purchase only the design time you need and get design advice as you need it. 

Designing a home or DIY projects can be overwhelming. You know what you want but would like a little design advice along the way or maybe you aren't sure where to start. You know you need a more help than a 90 minute consultation,  but you don't need to hire a designer to manage your whole project .

Atmosphere 360 Studio's Designer on Call Service is the perfect solution.


 Ways to use a Designer On Call Service:

  • You need a second opinion before purchasing home furnishings, lighting, or accessories.
  • You'd like a check-in on your project to be sure your fixtures, finishes, materials, and paint colors work together.
  • You are acting as your own contractor or doing a DIY remodel and need help sourcing materials
  • You love a specific room decor and would like us to find the sources and procure it for you
  • You'd like updated holiday decor,  Christmas decor or need help styling unique Halloween party decorations 
  • You'd like a second opinion on finishes at your builder's showroom·      
  • You are working on a small commercial design project or restaurant design project and need some initial guidance.

The Designer On Call Process:

Designer On Call blocks of time are available in increments of 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 hours. Determine the appropriate block of time and purchase below.  Once your payment has processed you are able to start using your time. Please note that time blocks expire 90 days after purchase.  Unused time after 90 days are deemed null and void and no refunds are available. 

Your account will be credited the total number of design hours you purchased. We will deduct time in 5 minute increments from your purchased time. This covers anything from text messages, travel time, or meetings at your site. 

Please note:

  • You will be required to provide us with all measurements and information needed to advise you. We do not include this type of consultation with Designer On Call.
  • We are available during to assist you during normal business hours (Monday -Friday 9 am to 6 pm). Emails or voicemails received will be answered within 24 hours. Please refrain from text messages after business hours. Our email is check on a regular basis.
  • Designer On Call is a more" hands off design" service as compared to our Full Service Design option. We are providing guidance and opinions for you to complete most of your project on your own. Since we will not be project managing in most cases, we will not be responsible for errors and omissions that occur from using this service.
  • When you've used the time you've purchased, our design advice will end even if you're project is not finished. You may purchase more time blocks to continue working with us. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel your service if it is not being used as intended.